Download your wallet

Currently you can download CashScripter Wallet for Windows platform.
More featured wallets for various platforms coming soon!

Windows 7, 8, 10

Download .ZIP (42 MB)
Unpack the archive and run Wallet.exe


Coming soon

Mac OS

Coming soon


Due to significant changes in the project's concept, the recent version of the whitepaper (February 2017) is now deprecated and removed from the website. We are preparing the new one and will publish it as soon as it's ready. Please wait for further announcements.

Get 50% bonus after moving to the new blockchain

We, the developers team, are going to give away most of our tokens to the community.
This way we are going to support the market in the future.
If you have XCS (CashScripter) tokens, please wait for further announcements and we will tell you how to get your bonus!