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Currently you can download CashScripter Wallet for Windows platform.
More featured wallets for various platforms coming soon!

Windows 7, 8, 10

Download .ZIP (42 MB)
Unpack the archive and run Wallet.exe


Coming soon

Mac OS

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Due to significant changes in the project's concept, the recent version of the whitepaper (February 2017) is now deprecated and removed from the website. We are preparing the new one and will publish it as soon as it's ready. Please wait for further announcements.

ICO or no ICO? That is the question

Our project officially launched in March 2017, when the corresponding topic on Bitcointalk has been published. At the same date we have started the initial token presale, to make initial distribution of XCS tokens.

Despite the fact that we called that process an ICO, we had no intention to sell our tokens to the wide public. We had no promotions, no aggressive ads, and no superstars supported our porject. 99.9% of our investors are private, well-known to us, most of them are our friends. In most cases we met them personally before doing any deals. So, in fact, we have launched with no ICO.

Running the project fully on private money at the development and early growth stage has many advantages. In this case we can be sure that:

  • Our investors are OK with possible delays in the development process. They know that in reality things can't go well all the time.
  • Our investors are OK with possible concept changes. They are interested in the long term success.
  • We have much less potential problems with regulators. This way we can concentrate in our work and do it better.

    The amount of attracted money is extremely small. But in our vision it's more than enough for our group of enthusiasts to do the development of the project and for our project to succeed long term.

  • Meet our team

  • Anatoly Grigoryev - Founder, CEO
  • Sergey Andreev - developer
  • Ivan Antonov - developer

    Please keep in mind that the only Founder of the project is Anatoly, others are hired developers and promoters. Our team is currently in the growing and optimizing stage, therefore people in the team may change. So, in case of any questions, please contact Anatoly directly, or use our Contact form.

  • Get 50% bonus after moving to the new blockchain

    We, the developers team, are going to give away most of our tokens to the community.
    This way we are going to support the market in the future.
    If you have XCS (CashScripter) tokens, please wait for further announcements and we will tell you how to get your bonus!